The Fuggerei museum

Hearing, seeing and experiencing history

In the Fuggerei Museum, with residences at Mittlere Gasse 13 and 14, visitors can learn a lot in a short time about the history and the faces of the Fugger family and the Fuggerei. Of special note: the historical residence in the museum. The building at Mittlere Gasse 13 has been preserved; the furniture dates back to earlier centuries. The residence shows how Fuggerei residents, and probably their contemporaries as well, once lived: For instance, without a bathroom but with a parlour that also served as a workspace. Documentation in Mittlere Gasse 14 includes interesting displays and a short film that depicts important events and developments in the Fuggerei.



Fuggerei Museum
Mittlere Gasse · Entrance Mittlere Gasse 14
86152 Augsburg