Experience history from 1521 to today

The museums in the Fuggerei

To mark the 500th anniversary of the Fugger Foundations, three museums in the Fuggerei have been redesigned in 2019 and 2021. They present the founder personalities, the history of the foundation and the Fuggerei residents from five centuries to the present day.

In four museums through the world and times of the Fuggerei

Museum of History and Living in Mittlere Gasse 13 and 14:
From 1521 to 1944: stations in the history of the foundation and a Fuggerei time travel with five resident families from five centuries.

Museum of the residents at Ochsengasse 46:
My Fuggerei Life: Exciting facts, insights and opinions - from the residents, staff and those responsible for the Fuggerei.

Museum of Everyday Life in Ochsengasse 47:
Change over time: living and leisure, worries, hardships and housekeeping in the post-war Fuggerei and the situation today.

Museum in the Bunker:
War and its consequences: Exhibition and documentation on the destruction of the Fuggerei by an air raid in 1944 and the challenge of reconstruction.