From 1521 through five centuries of Fuggerei history

Museum of History and Living

The Museum of History and Living in the Mittleren Gasse 13 / 14 of the Fuggerei illuminates the historical development of the social settlement from its beginnings under Jakob Fugger to its destruction in the Second World War with a new, multimedia exhibition concept.

For the first time, the deed of foundation is exhibited as a facsimile, with which Jakob Fugger established the Fuggerei Foundation for eternity together with two other foundations on 23 August 1521. The Fuggerei has now been fulfilling its foundation mission for half a millennium. The ideas and decisions of the founding family, the history of the residents over five centuries and the most important events are the themes of the exhibition at Mittleren Gasse 14.

In the historic flat at Mittleren Gasse 13, the life and everyday life of the Fuggerei residents is brought into focus. This is told by means of five residents' biographies from five centuries, which are documented by research in the Augsburg City Archives and the Fugger Archives. Parts of the flat date back to 1517, and the furnishings have been reconstructed according to historical models and the latest research findings.