Exciting insights from the residents, staff and persons responsible at the Fuggerei

The museum of the residents

For its residents, the Fuggerei wants to be a home where everyone feels secure. The Residents' Museum shows how successful life is possible in the Fuggerei today and how the Fugger Family Senior Citizens' Council and the Fuggerei administration work towards this goal.

The "Residents' Museum" in the Fuggerei is something very special in the already unique social settlement. Four rooms and the corridor of a Fuggerei flat were designed for this purpose with an atmospheric, modern exhibition. The most important people in the Fuggerei - its residents - have their own say here. Many of them share their stories and thoughts with visitors in this museum - a touching and exciting experience.

At the source of real Fuggerei life

The "Museum of the Residents" is the authentic source of everything worth knowing about life in the Fuggerei today. Pictures, graphics, texts and objects quickly convey important facts and background information. In addition, film and media stations provide a deeper and very interesting insight into the "cosmos" of the Fuggerei. Residents, Fuggerei employees and experts talk here about the very different sides of life in the settlement. Which people live in the Fuggerei, and how do you get a place there in the first place? What does the Fuggerei mean to the residents personally? Is there a special community, how is living together regulated? What is it like to live in a world-famous sight and with all the tourists?

The "secret of the Fuggerei" is also an important theme in the museum. It is about the role of the Fugger family today, the tasks of the administration and the rules and regulations of the foundation. For the fact that Jakob Fugger's visionary social work has been functioning for 500 years is also due to a special structure and organisation.

The texts in the museum are written in German and English. The media stations are wheelchair accessible.

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