The Fugger family today

The Fugger-Babenhausen lineage

Representative of the House in the Senior Council of the Fugger Foundations:
Alexander Erbgraf Fugger-Babenhausen

Head of the house of the Fugger-Babenhausen lineage:
Hubertus Fürst Fugger-Babenhausen.

The Babenhausen estate was acquired in 1538 by Anton Fugger, who commissioned the new castle. His youngest son Jakob (1542-1598) became the progenitor of the Fugger-Babenhausen lineage. Babenhausen Castle is privately owned. The Prince Fugger Central Administration has its headquarters at Wellenburg Castle.

Since 1955, the Fugger Museum has been located in the castle, which was located in the Fugger buildings in Augsburg until the 2nd World War. The Fugger Museum in the castle is closed until further notice.

Prince Fugger Central Administration
Wellenburg 7  ·  86199 Augsburg  ·  Send a message


Schloss  ·  87727 Babenhausen  ·  Send a message

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