Economic basis

Traditional financing to the present day

In the early days, the operation and maintenance of the Fuggerei was financed by the interest yield from the foundation's endowment; it was later financed by earnings from the estates. Since the end of the 18th century, financing has been provided primarily by targeted investments in forestry. This is a forward-looking measure that secures the Fuggerei's future even in difficult economic phases such as inflation and monetary reforms. Additional endowments, particularly from leading employees of the Fugger family, have also increased the funds.

Entrance fees and donations help the Fuggerei

The Fugger foundations have been independently financed since the beginning. Currently, 70% from profits from forestry, 10% from real estate property outside of the Fuggerei and 20% from entrance fees. Every visitor is thus a supporter of the Fuggerei. In order to ensure that the Fuggerei remain independent, donations are also welcome. This enables inactive foundation functions to be activated and adapted to modern requirements.   


Fürstlich und Gräflich Fuggersche Stiftungs-Administration
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