From 1521 to future

Fuggerei NEXT500

500 years ago, Jakob Fugger stipulated that the Fuggerei should exist "in perpetuity". His successors were given the task of always doing everything necessary for its continued existence and, if possible, also to "increase" it - today we would speak of developing it. In addition, Jakob Fugger built his settlement "in exemplum", i.e. to serve as a model. Three good reasons to present a new idea to the world right now. To further develop the mission of the Fuggerei and to bring it to bear globally as a model for social innovation - that is the content and goal of Fuggerei NEXT500. In concrete terms, this means that people and institutions all over the world can now join the Fuggerei's foundation idea. In this way, "Fuggerei of the future" can be created in many places.

Sending the core ideas of the Fuggerei out into the world as an impulse, as a recipe for success that can be implemented worldwide with "Fuggereis of the Future", became the major theme of the anniversary year. Learn more about the idea and the activities so far.

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