Fuggerei Förderstiftung

Strengthen Fuggerei, create more homes – your donation helps.

More than 150 people now live in the Fuggerei, for 88 cents annual cold rent and three prayers a day. There are financially needy families, single people and couples from Augsburg who, despite their work, pension or social benefits, are not able to compete in the »ordinary« housing market. In the Fuggerei you will find a way out of worries and fear of the future. Not only the construction, but also the permanent maintenance, modernization and administration of the Fuggerei has been financed by foundation funds, without tax funds or subsidies from the public sector. The Fuggerei apartments will be continuously renovated and expanded as barrier-free as possible. Around 60,000 euros have to be spent per apartment.

For over 500 years, effective help for fellow human beings – that is sustainable!

The Fuggerei is financed by an independent foundation with its own assets, which may only be used for the purpose of the foundation. For centuries, the foundation's own Forestry is the most important part of the foundation's assets. The long-term future of Fuggerei is now being consolidated by the further expansion of the foundation’s forest. Further income comes from the entrance fees of the Fuggerei and – more and more important – from donations. According to the specification of the founder, the fuggerei "forever and ever" should be there for the needy people of Augsburg. Therefore, any financial support for their maintenance and operation is welcome. With the Fuggerei Förderstiftung under the roof of the House of the founders of the Augsburger Stadtsparkasse, this will be even easier.

Support the future of one of the oldest social institutions in the world.
The Fuggerei is as urgently needed today as it was 500 years ago. More and more people can no longer afford to live in the city and do not know where to go. Help Fuggerei to continue to offer a home for its fellow citizens in the future, where they can live with dignity and self-determination. At the same time, they support the goal of »Fuggerei NEXT500« to strengthen the idea of Fuggerei and to attract donators and sponsors for more institutions of Fuggerei.